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Lawn Applications
Water Management
Snow Removal
Wellman's LandVision (WLV) views water management as a top priority during all phases of the construction process as it is often an overlooked item. Poor water management can cause several problems. These problems can range from base or foundation failure, leach field failure, flooded basements and crawl spaces, and stunted growth or complete loss of nursery stock and vegetation. Wellman's LandVision will analyze the current water shed of the proposed building site during the planning phase and then propose the most ecological and cost effective solution. Our water management services include the following:
  1. Septic Systems (Adams & Wells County, Indiana)
  2. Downspout Drains & Footer Drains
  3. Sanitary & Storm Sewer Drains
  4. Interior & Exterior Sump Pits & Pumps
  5. Grading of Swales & Waterways
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